A New Kind of Education

The past 200 years of school and college education have been the backbone of our worker centric economy. Society and individuals invest money and resources to produce analytical minds of various kinds, which employers could pick and choose for their labor force. All these years, we have been focusing on mostly analytical skills with little or no importance on emotional and creative skills for our curriculum for schooling.

We get our smartness from 80 billions of neurons and 100 trillion interconnections. We gain leverage by connecting these brains with 7 billions of others forming a massive network of wet machines. The problem now is that the machines and silicon brains are catching up. They too have billions of transistors and billions of interconnections. It seems as though Moore’s law is not going out of fashion anytime soon. On any analytical scale, computers have grown to beat us down. Then, why do we care to compete with them – that is an impossible task anyway. I think the time is ripe that we switch gears and focus on complementing machines instead of competing with them.

Instead, we should start investing in a new kind of education, where we focus mainly on the skills that computers can’t excel. At least for now. Like emotional skills, non-linear and spatial thinking and creativity.

Do you still want your kids go to medical school , engineering school or law school? Think again.