Baby Carrots

A popular item that found its way to our kitchen was baby carrots. It was pretty, cute and crunchy. It took a while, before we figured out that baby carrots are not really “baby” carrots, rather baby-cut carrots. Also, it was disappointing to know that these fresh snacks were less nutritional than the regular carrots. Most of the antioxidents, it seems are found under the vegetable skins and most of that is lost,  since the skin is peeled off to create the appearance of deliciousness.

It seems it was invented by Mike Yorosek, a california farmer mainly to reduce waste from his farm produce. Not-so-good-looking carrots, that otherwise would get rejected in the super market, are picked up, washed and scubed off the imperfections to market as a value added product. Story goes, that the carrot consumption almost doubled, while wastage has nearly eliminated. It was a marketing brilliance!

Humans are evolved to love pets, toys and even things that remind us of babies. Yes, even baby carrots. Those who had a genetic make up to hate babies were already pruned off of our geneology map. I am not sure, if our ancient circuits get fired by hearing “baby” of the baby carrots, but they are insanely popular these days.

It may be a slick marketing strategy, but nutritionally, we figure it is a less than ideal for us. Now-a-days, we leave the temptation at the supermarket and happily settle for ordinary looking carrots.